Baureihe 646 – Stadler GTW

The Deutsche Bahn Baureihe 646 or Stadler GTW is an articulated railcar for local transport manufactured by the Swiss company Stadler Rail.
GTW stands for “Gelenktriebwagen”.
The basic concept is rather unconventional: the rail car is driven by a central “power module”, also known as a “powerpack” or a “drive container”, powered on both axles. Two light end modules containing the cabs and the passenger compartment, each with a bogie, rest on the power module, which produces useful traction weight on the driving axles. Power is either generated by onboard Diesel engines or through overhead wires on the electric versions.

The Deutsche Bahn bought 44 Diesel-powered train sets of the 1st generation in the early 2000’s and classified them as Baureihe 646.

Disclaimer: This moc is for experienced builders! Some of the connections are very exotic and not stable at all and will require a lot of patience to get right. Since this is a digital version, I wasn’t able to incorporate all of the details from the real moc. Instead I created this simpler and more generic version for you to modify it at your own likings.

Minimal radius: R104
Custom parts: Ball bearings

Credits: Collaborative effort with “UrbanErwin”. He came up with the design idea for the front ends, from where I’ve built the rest.

Any criticism and feedback is much appreciated.

“Hbbillns” modern 8-wide goods wagon

A generic modern covered two-axled goods wagon widely used all accross Europe.

For intermediate and expert builders.

Custom parts: None
Minimum radius: R104

*Disclaimer* Although the wagon has been built and has seen some action during events, the performance isn’t as good as I want to be.
The moc may have some issues going around curves and through switches, as the two-axle design does not self center itself and might derail when pushed. Also it is rather wobbly, so be extra careful when handling it.

This moc may receive a major overhaul in the future.

Feel free to recolour it to your own liking!

Many thanks to DennisakaTechno for making instructions.

“Zags” – 8-wide generic modern European tank wagon

The “Zags” tank wagon is widely used all across Europe and is usually filled with all sorts of various liquid cargos, most notably oil and chemical products.
The moc features some advanced techniques and should be build by more experienced builders.

Minimum radius is R104 in 1:45 scale.

Custom parts include: Ball bearings

Build and tested in real life but if there is something wrong with it, please contact me so I can update the file. Also feel free to recolour it to your own imagination!