Are you a train builder, and do you want to share your own models on Open L-Gauge?

Great! We always welcome new contributors. To minimise spam and to make sure all the models are of a high quality and meet our guidelines, new users wil need to contact us to register an account.

Please send us an email at and include a link to some of your models. We wil have a look at your work, and if we think your models would be a valuable contribution, we wil invite you to create an account so you can share your creations.

Once your account is set up, you wil be able to upload any models you want to share.

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Our Submission Guidelines

To maintain a high quality standard for our models, we have some rules & guidelines that every model should follow.

Rules for every model:

1) Models on Open L-Gauge are there for others to build and learn from, so your model needs to offer something unique. For example an interesting building technique, nice parts usage or cool shaping, preferably all of that and more.

2) Your model needs to be fully your own, no modifications of existing sets or other custom models / MOCs*.

* Modifications of other MOCs may be allowed if you have written permission from the original creator.

3) Include at least a 3D model file (BrickLink Studio, LEGO Digital Designer, LDraw, or other) of your model.

4) Include at least one high-quality image. Images can be either a digital render or a photo of the real model, screenshots are not allowed. Minimum resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels

5) If your model has been test-built, you need to upload at least one photo of the real model. (You do not need to publish this photo, just upload it so we can verify you actually test-built the model.)

Additional rules for first time uploaders:

If this is your first submission to Open L-Gauge, you need to follow these additional rules

1) In addition to a 3D model file, you need to upload PDF building instructions for your first model.

2) Your first model needs to have been test-built in real bricks.

Recommendations for every model:

not required, but your model is more likely to be approved if you follow these additional guidelines

1) Include PDF building instructions for your model.

2) Include at least two images high-quality images, taken from different angles.

3) Your model should be based on a real-life prototype.

4) Avoid using rare & expensive parts if possible.

5) Include any custom parts you use in your 3D model file & in your building instructions.

Guidelines for PDF building instructions:

1) Every part in each building step should be visible, parts shouldn’t be obscured behind other parts.

2) Insert a “flip” icon if you change the view angle by more then 90 degrees.

3) Avoid placing too many parts in one step.

4) Include a size guide for any axles & rigid hoses where the length may not be obvious.

5) If a building step requires some specific explanation, feel free to add (English) text to the building instructions.