Sächsische I K

By GrandPixelMan

This locomotive was used in the early days of the Saxon state railways, and were built between 1881 and 1892. They served on various narrow gauge railways owned by the Saxon state railways. After WW1 and WW2 the locomotives were decomissioned due to their lack of power, and sold to Poland. There they served up till the late 60s, when all of them were scrapped.

In 2006 a plan was made to build a new I K. After three years the build was completed in the railway works at Meiningen. She ran on multiple narrow gauge railways in Germany of which many were where she used to run originally.

Sadly in September of 2022 the locomotive was heavily damaged in a collision with a road vehicle. In November 2023 repairs were finished at Meiningen and she was brought back to the Lößnitzgrundbahn outside Dresden

This locomotive was built in 1/45th scale. It fits on a 4 wide track system, but was meant mainly for display purposes.