Stadler GTW “ODEG” – Baureihe 646

By bigdaedy

About the real one:
The Stadler GTW is an articulated railcar for local transport manufactured by the Swiss company Stadler Rail.
GTW stands for “Gelenktriebwagen”.
The basic concept is rather unconventional: the rail car is driven by a central “power module”, also known as a “powerpack” or a “drive container”, powered on both axles. Two light end modules containing the cabs and the passenger compartment, each with a bogie, rest on the power module, which produces useful traction weight on the driving axles. Power is either generated by onboard Diesel engines or through overhead wires on the electric versions.

The moc seen here is a 4th generation GTW in livery of the “ODEG” (Ost-Deutsche-Eisenbahngesellschaft). These trains are the most modern iteration of the GTW in Europe and feature a crash-optimized reworked front alongside further technical improvements.

Disclaimer: This moc is for experienced builders! Some of the connections are very exotic and not stable at all and will require a lot of patience to get right.

Minimal radius: R104

Custom parts:
– 8 x Ball bearings MR52ZZ specification
– 4 x “Brickarms” Monopods

Rare parts: Dark turquoise is somewhat rare and hard to get by

Power: Standard train motor, Buwizz or similiar power source

Credits: Collaborative effort with UrbanErwin – He came up with the design idea for the front ends, from where I’ve built the rest.

One final note from the creators:
Please show respect to the amount of creative effort put into this model. Please do not devalueate our collective work by attempting to commercially use the whole moc, parts or certain distinct design choices for your own benefit. We strongly appeal for everyone to adhere to the rules of Open-L-Gauge to keep this community enjoyable for everyone.
Thanks for your understanding.

Have fun with the model!

Any criticism and feedback is much appreciated.