Hi, I'm Ties (24, he/him) I build mostly dutch trains in 1:45 scale.


Models designed by Ties:

NS Motorpost 3029

By Ties

NS Motorpost 3031

By Ties

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway B-Class

By Ties

LTM 21-35

By Ties

LTM 51

By Ties

TEE Edelweiss (NS DE4 / SBB RAm)

By Ties

Posts by Ties:

Cover Image Generator

This page wil help you too easily create a cover page for your building instructions. ** The generated cover image should not be used as the featured image on your model’s post. This cover image is only intended for the cover image of building instructions. For the post’s featured image, please just use a clean […]

GUIDE: Setting up your account, and uploading models

Part 1: Setting up your account To prevent spam and make sure all models on Open L-Gauge are of high quality, new users need to contact us via email in order to create an account. To get started, please send us an email at contribute@open-l-gauge.eu and include a link to some of your models. We […]