NS Motorpost 3031

By Ties

The Motorpost was a dutch electric locomotive built to transport mail. The trains where owned by the PTT Post (the Dutch postal service), but operated and maintained by NS Dutch Railways. The motorpost locomotives where based on the Mat ’64 passenger train sets, with a similar nose design, and the same traction motors & electrical installations.

The LEGO model is build in 1:45 scale, and I’ve tried to capture the shape as best as I could. That did mean building at a lot of weird angles, making this a very complicated model. The train in the stud.io file is powered by 2 train motors and a BuWizz, but can easily be modified to a different power system or built as a static model.

I’ve designed 2 versions of the train, one in the original dark red livery, and one in the more modern yellow/red livery. This version is based on mP 3031, the one that is currently preserved in it’s original livery at the dutch railway museum.

Compared to the modern livery, this version has a few parts substituted that where not available in dark red, like the 2×8 modified door rail plates that should go above the sliding doors. This version also has not been test-built, so may have some stability problems.

This model is very complex. While I’ve tried to make the building instructions as clear as possible, I would not recommend this model to anyone who doesn’t consider themselves an experienced LEGO builder.

Making building instructions for models like this takes a lot of time. If you are going to build your own version, please consider leaving a small PayPal donation after downloading the model