TEE Edelweiss (NS DE4 / SBB RAm)

By Ties

The Trans Europ Express was an international train service connecting 130 major cities together across Europe. This model is based on the Dutch / Swiss diesel-electric trainsets that ran between Amsterdam and Zürich. 5 transets where built, 3 operated by the NS (Dutch Railways) and 2 by the SBB-CFF-FFS (Swiss Federal Railways).

The model is built in 1:45 scale and can run on standard R40 curves, although due to its length the model looks more at home on larger radius curves. The model can be motorised by adding a train motor (9v, Power Functions or Powered Up) in each of the engine’s wheel sets, but I’ve found that when using PF or PU train motors, the cable can get in the way and cause derailments in R40 turns or switches. So when motorised with PF or PU, R56+ curves & switches are recommended.

The roof of each of the cars is removable, and each one features full interior. When motorising the model, one of the diesel engines in the locomotive needs to be removed to make room for a battery box.

Custom & special parts:
I’ve tried to use parts that are relatively easy to find, but the model uses a few out of production pieces that may be harder to source like the 1×6 technic plates (out of production since 2004) and the 2×2 trans-clear tiles used for the front window (only used in 1 set from 1988).
The model is designed to use bearing wheel sets for all 3 of the passenger cars, other than those, no custom parts are used.

A lot of time has gone into designing this model and creating the building instructions for it, so if you are going to build one for yourself, please consider leaving a small PayPal donation.