single axle sidecar VB 141 for german railbus

By Thomas Reincke

For the transport of skis with the excursion railcars of the Reichsbahn a corresponding trailer was designed, but not realized. In the mid-50s, the Bundesbahn took up this idea and had a corresponding vehicle built. Even though the trailers were actually used with the VT90 and ET91 observation railcars, the larger number served to transport bicycles and luggage with the single-engine VT95 railbuses. Photos are avaiable in the histroic forum of “Drehscheibe-online”.

Behind this type designation is a rare trailer for the single-engine Uerdingen rail bus VT95. With this, some bicycles or luggage could be taken along, even if the railcar was traveling without a sidecar, which had a luggage compartment.

The quaint verhicle was in service between 1952 and 1961. Only in the Passau area did two trailers survive until 1968.

Even though I made the model hinged. Unfortunately, bicycles cannot be transported in it. At least a few suitcases fit inside. And, since the railbus was sometimes mocked as a piglet cab (“Ferkeltaxi”), it can also be used as a pig trailer.