By DennisAkaTECHNO

Probably one of the most known and loved (or hated?) locomotives on european rails is now available in our library as well! Thanks to the amazing engineering of Beck and Nicolas Tbx this model was created and improved over several years and gets released with instructions created by DennisAkaTECHNO for the public now. A real community project!

Many variations of this model have been built in real life, so it’s quite well tested. However, it uses some rare and expensive parts (old hinge plates, belville ice-skates) as well as custom wheels made by HAbricks (or similar wheels with 24mm diameter measured without flange).

The instructions use PF-L-motors and leave space for a Buwizz 2.0 or 3.0 as power source, but with some tinkering, this should be easily replacable with other solutions.

If you want to upload the .io-file to Bricklink, you might need to remove the custom elements (wheels, cut hose rigid 3mm)!

This plain white version represents the factory color scheme of Siemens and provides you with a template to create your own repaints of this model.

To give you a start, we’ve created some more liveries:
DB Cargo (red)
ÖBB 1293 (red)
Siemens (plain white)