Seat Gondola or Lowlug Gondola

By Duq

Fifteen years ago this little gondola started as a last-minute build for a show. It’s not based on any particular prototype, I just happened to have some blue seats lying around and I liked the texture it gave the sides. I just called it the Blue gondola. When I did the instructions I called it the Seat Gondola.

Later I found out that Tim Gould on the other side of the world had seen a photo of it in a folder from a train show, where I exhibited with some fellow Lowlug members. He called it the Lowlug Gondola and built his own. Other people have built it too and modified it, including a shorter version.

A word of warning. This is a car with rigid axles. It is at the limit of spacing between axles that will go around standard LEGO R40 curves. It’s happy being pulled, but not so much being pushed over switches.