MÁV- START Byee (Halbi)

By Donát Szüts

These cars were made in Halberstadt, Germany, and then became the property of DB. In February 2006, MÁV decided that it wanted to buy the “Halberstadter” cars offered for sale by the German railways. Their delivery began in May of that year with 20 cars per month. Due to their early use, the cars ran on the MÁV lines with the DB’s original paint after their arrival. In order to represent MÁV’s usual color scheme, MÁV-START Zrt. continuously repainted the cars in Dunakeszi Járműjavíto to blue and white. The railway company expected the new cars to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of train management.

PF Lights can be added to the model, connected with an extension cable to a 9V battery box