German railroad speeder Klv12 (Dr. Alpers and Beilhack)

By Thomas Reincke

Bahnmeister-Draisine Klv 12 (Deutsche Bundesbahn)

For the “Oc TRAIN ber 2020” competition of the BrickModellRailorader, a diorama was created that centered on the Klv12 motorized railcar of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. This trolley was used by the railroad maintenance depots for inspection trips and minor maintenance work. With a VW industrial engine derived from the Beetle engine with 28 hp, the trolley travels up to 70 km/h.

Between 1953 and 1962, the companies Draisinenbau Dr. Alpers Hamburg, FKF-Werke Fa. Schmitt and Beilhack GmbH produced a total of 696 units of the Klv12. Between 1958 and 1961, a further 79 units of the similar but four-door Draisine Klv12 were also built.

Due to its size, the model is not motorized in the instructions. Using some 3D printed parts and a circuit cube, I built a powered version.

Klv 12, Kl 12-4976, AW Nürnberg, 03,08.1984