Hupac/Wascosa T5 “Taschenwagen”Sdgnss

By bigdaedy

These 4-axled freight cars are designed to transport both truck trailers and containers alike.

Swiss company Hupac further developed the T5 from its predecessor the T4. This was necessary so that modern, so-called mega – trailers, with an interior height of 3 m can also be transported. These trailers require a floor that is lower above the top of the rails and even lower longitudinal beams on the wagon frame to grip the arms on the semitrailer.
Because of these special requirements, the T5 cannot transport 40/45 ft containers, as the container support pins would interfere with the trailer loading equipment.

“Hupac” chose dark gray as the livery for their wagons, whilst “Wascosa” utilizes an orange livery.

With the different mounting points, you can either load two 20″ containers (17×7 studs) or one 30″ and 20″ container. To load a trailer, the mounting points in the middle can be folded away or simply removed.

You will need MR52ZZ ball bearings inserted into part 18677 or 1×2 technic bricks with 2 holes, which can be bought at HAbricks with preinstalled ball bearings. For axles, you either need old 9V axles (RC ones will not work) or similar 3rd party made like the ones from BrickTracks, which can be bought at HAbricks as well.

As cargo, you can find a compatible trailer and compatible 20″ or 40″ container here on Open L-Gauge as well.

The zip-file contains two separate pdf-files for each of the liveries.

Many thanks to DennisAkaTechno for making instructions for these!