Engine Refrigerated Wagon MK4 of DR

By Detlef

The machine refrigerated wagons had direct cooling, i.e. 2 built-in refrigeration systems and 2 underfloor diesel generator sets. In the refrigerated train formation, the DM4 generator and crew car took over the power supply, but the refrigerated wagons could also be used autonomously (i.e. individually).
This refrigerated train normally ran as a 6-car train + DM4 generator and crew car.

Due to the construction, the wagon is quite heavy, about 750 grams. A powerful locomotive is therefore recommended, especially for a complete train.

Minimum radius is R40, tested on a long track in Schkeuditz 2023. Slow speed over switches is recommended.

There are also 8 pcs of 30586 plate modified 2×8 with door rail. TLC has never made them in blue color. You can use these parts from other companies like me or replace them with 4pcs 4282 plate 2×16. However, the corrugation of the side wall is then interrupted.

Custom parts include ball bearings and 2 sticker on the door.

For decals look at the next pictures, the print sheet has enough decals for six different wagons with individual numbers. Print the picture in origin size.

Anschriften für 6 verschiedene MK4