DSB Litra Elo I

By Dennis Tomsen

The DSB Litra Elo (I) was the ubiquitous Danish twin-axled open wagon built by Scandia in the thousands from 1942-1950.

All are decommissioned today with only a few surviving as museum pieces.

The model:

Stock wooden livery.

Scale: ~1:50
Length: 22 studs
Width: 7 1/10 studs
Bricks: 252
Designed: 2018
Updated: 2023

The wagon is able to navigate R40 curves and switches with some resistance but works far better with R56 and above due to the distance between the two fixed wheel axles.

The model has been built and tested in real life but you are more than welcome to contact me regarding any errors in the Stud.io file, building instructions or the model itself. Feedback is always much appreciated.

Different types of goods:

Artwork for the stickers will be added on a later date.

More pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/93468412@N08/albums/72157673715608698/

01.12.2023: Stud.io file and Building Instructions version 1.0 download added
06.12.2023: Building Instructions version 1.1 download: Reorganized instructions and minor parts refinement
12.12.2023: Stud.io file and Building Instructions version 1.2 download: All types of goods added