8-wide Doppelstockwagen

By bigdaedy

Bombardier Double-deck Coach or “Doppelstockwagen”
In use almost everywhere in Germany by the countries largest passenger train company “DB Regio” and some other European countries in the vicinity. Usually coupled in a push pull configuration with a control car on one end and a locomotive on the other.

The moc has proven itself during many events and is quite reliable. However it is a little too tall for a proper 1:45 scale. But to compensate for that, it can safely sit a lot of minifigures on both decks, so just add ordinary blue seats at your own liking.

Customs parts: Ball bearings, some adhesive paste (we call it “Patafix”) to connect the two cooking pots together. You can substitute them by using black minifig heads instead.

Minimum Radius: R104 maybe R88.

Instructions will follow, once I find the time to make them.