Diesel generator set car with crew compartment DM4 of the DR

By Detlef

The machine refrigerated wagons had direct cooling, i.e. 2 built-in refrigeration systems and 2 underfloor diesel generator sets. In the refrigerated train group, the DM4 took over the power supply.
The refrigerated train almost always ran as a 6-wagon train, but 10 wagon was possible.
The prototype of the DM4 lacked comfort. Equipped with refrigerated truck bogies, the smooth running was not particularly good. So the later versions use bogies from coaches.

origin wagon seen in Junkers-Museum in Dessau 2023

Due to the construction, the wagon is quite heavy, about 750 grams. A powerful locomotive is therefore recommended, especially for a complete train.

Minimum radius is R40, tested on a long track in Schkeuditz 2023. Slow speed over switches is recommended

Custom parts include only ball bearings