DDm 915 Autotransportwagen

By bigdaedy

For everyone who doesn’t wanna miss out on taking their car along with them when taking the train, for many years there’ve been specialy designed wagons that can load up cars and other small road vehicles. This saves a lot of travel time, nerves and is also good for the environment, as you save the fuel needed for the trip.

This moc is a so called “Autotransportwagen” or car transport wagon, which is usually coupled onto long-distance EuroCity or Intercity trains here in Europe and is capable of travelling speeds of up to 160 km/h.

It should be able to carry four cars on each the upper and lower decks, but mind the clearance on the lower deck. Also please don’t turn it upside down.

Minimum radius: R104
Custom parts: Ball bearings

Credits: The Minden-Deutz MD 36 bogies were originally made by “Duq” and reworked by “raised” and “Urbanerwin”.

Any criticism and feedback is much appreciated.